Exchange regulations

User agreement with the exchange resource


1.1. This Agreement defines the conditions for the provision of services by the exchange platform.

1.2. The exchange platform refers to the web resource, the functions of which include the exchange of electronic and digital monetary units.

1.3. Clients are individual citizens and enterprises that have expressed their intention to carry out an exchange operation through an exchange platform (hereinafter referred to as the Platform).

1.3.1 The Client warrants that he is not a citizen of the United States, Iran, North Korea or China, is not acting on behalf of a company whose ultimate beneficiary is a citizen of the United States, Iran or China, and is not on the sanctions list of any state.

1.4 When jointly referring to the Platform and the Client, they are referred to as the Parties.

1.5 The Parties have agreed that this electronic Agreement has the force of a written agreement.

1.6. This Agreement is a public offer accepted through the execution of an exchange application on the web resource.


2.1. The services provided by the Platform are given in clause 4. The procedure for their provision is provided for by the Regulations, the procedure of which is described in clause 5. The Client is obliged to comply with the conditions of clause 9.

2.2. Exchange services are paid. The client who made the exchange through the Platform must pay the appropriate fee.

3. The platform has the right

3.1. Suspend activities for technical work, as well as troubleshooting.

3.2. Stop the conversion if the Client complained about fraud, partners asked about it or employees of the competent authorities demanded it.

3.3. Independently set the amount and procedure for granting discounts.

3.4. Approve and change the amount of commissions for performing operations.

3.5. Deny service without explanation.

3.6. If an error was made during the operation, the Platform administration has the right to demand its confirmation and confirmation of involvement in the operation using E-mail or screenshots.

3.7. Terminate the dialogue with the Client who demonstrates inappropriate behavior, or if he refuses to provide the information necessary to complete the application.

3.8. Block the transfer in the event of a situation described in clauses 5.4.-5.6.

3.9. In case of unjust enrichment by the Client with electronic money of the web resource, or third-party services for the exchange of electronic money, the site administration has the right to suspend the execution of the application until the reasons and all circumstances are clarified, as well as compensation for losses incurred by the Platform or other exchange services .

3.10. In case of payment later than the set time, as well as in case of confirmation of the transaction for more than 5 minutes due to sending funds with a commission below the recommended one, the service has the right to recalculate the exchange rate.

4. Platform commits

4.1. Convert, under the conditions described by the Regulations, EPS title units, or fiat funds from bank cards from which payment is made.

4.2. Provide the Client with access to information regarding the working conditions of the Platform, as well as technical support for exchange operations via email

4.3. Guarantee the confidentiality of transaction data, including their amount and execution time. The relevant data is available only to the Client who made the transfer.

4.4. Limit the access of unauthorized persons to information about the conversion, with the exception of situations requiring external arbitration, in the event that the platform is accused of dishonest performance of duties by the client.


5.1. The platform carries out exchange operations with the participation of electronic monetary units.

5.2. Among the Partners are banks according to the specified list.

5.3. The Platform does not have the authority to verify the legality of the Client's possession of the assets used in the course of the exchange operation.


6.1. In the event of force majeure events, the Parties shall not be liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of contractual obligations. Unforeseen circumstances include a terrorist act, military conflict, fire, cyber attack, flood, other natural disasters, the decision of the authorities, as well as lack of access to energy, failure or failure of the site system or blockchain operation, telecommunications networks, the Internet.

6.2. In case of blocking a transaction or an account by a bank or EPS, the parties act by analogy with Clause 3.2.4. and 5.5 respectively.


7.1. The Client is not entitled to use the functionality of the Platform to make illegal transactions. The Client is aware that he will be held liable for the conversion of doubtful funds. Responsibility arises according to the norms of the state in whose jurisdiction the violation took place.

7.2. If there has been a conversion of doubtful funds, the Platform reserves the right to inform the injured party, law enforcement agencies or EPS about this, at their request.

7.3. To make an exchange, the Client must transfer from the electronic wallet the required amount of the corresponding monetary units. Platform employees have no grounds to verify the legality of their use, but not the origin. The client warrants that he has the legal authority to use the money in the conversion process.

7.4. A bank transfer involves the use of an Internet banking system and EPS to ensure payment security.

7.5. The Platform is not responsible for the exchange operation performed by third parties with the consent of the Client.

7.6. If the Client activates the option "I agree with the exchange rules", then he expresses full acceptance of all the terms of this Agreement.